Flower Box

Flower Box Hallmark Diffuser 700ml | Fresh Lemongrass

Fresh Lemongrass
700ml Hallmark Diffuser

The unmistakable fragrances of Lemongrass and Lime Zest are here merged with fresh Lemon Peel over soft floral and Vanilla undertones.  This revitalising fragrance will have you energised and feeling fresh.

Enhance your interior design with the unrivalled presence of a Hallmark Diffuser.
Enliven your space with the finest Australian-made fragrance for an entire year.
12 month diffusion lifespan.
Hallmark Diffuser Care Card included.
Presented in a luxurious gift box complete with a hand-tied bow.
Hand poured in Perth, Western Australia.
An unsurpassable gift in every sense.  


  • Fresh Cut Lemongrass, Lime Zest, Lemon Peel, Jasmine & Rosewood


Adjust the amount of fragrance diffused by turning the reeds more or less frequently - 1-2 times per week or when you see dry reed tips.
For best results keep out of direct sunlight, heat and drafts, and ensure the lid is screwed on tightly. Flip the reeds as often or as little as you like depending on how much fragrance you’re after.